What if you could learn how to market your book without selling your soul, losing your mind or breaking the bank in the process?

Introducing our monthly marketing academy:

See if this sounds familiar:

  • You don't know when to start your marketing plan and need a strategic timeline.
  • You find staying on top of the latest marketing, social media and publicity trends exhausting.
  • You are unsure what you are responsible for and what your publisher is responsible for in the marketing and launch process.
  • You long for an effective social media strategy that works for your schedule and lifestyle.
  • You believe in authentically engaging with readers and influencers without losing your soul to a platform or numbers.
  • You feel like learning what tools and software to use for marketing automation can become a full-time job.
  • You crave expert support but don’t have the time, energy or thousands of dollars in your budget to hire everywhere you need.  

Each author our team has worked with has experienced the same struggles you have.

We created our monthly marketing academy to help you move from confusion to clarity in your author marketing journey. 

What's included:

Each month, we’ll release advanced marketing training, group challenges, Live Q&A's and expert interviews in four key areas designed to equip and empower you.

Soul Care - Identify and overcome spiritual obstacles preventing you from thriving. Training topics include:

  • Caring for your heart and soul as a writer
  • Stewarding your God-given message well
  • Overcoming fear, loneliness, & feeling invisible
  • Dealing with rejection, overwhelm, comparison, & burnout

Marketing & Launch - Navigate all your to-do’s with prayer, purpose and impact. Training topics include: 

  • Building your email list while developing relationships with the right influencers
  • Creating powerful marketing campaigns
  • Planning the launch of your book, course or program with strategy and impact
  • Building an effective launch and review team

Social Media & Sales - Engage with your readers, communicate well and sell with grace. Training topics include:

  • Growing your platform and audience
  • Engaging relationally and strategically with your readers
  • Using the correct tools for automation
  • Creating compelling offers that sell

Publicity & Media - Reach new readers and expose your work to new markets. Training topics include:

  • Finding the right publicity opportunities
  • Learning to pitch your work
  • Tailoring your pitches to editor needs
  • Developing ongoing promotion after your book is released

Exclusive member perks:

Templates, worksheets and spreadsheets to help you complete and organize your marketing tasks easily.

Peer mentors a few steps ahead in the marketing journey eager to mentor you in a small group setting.

A networking and collaboration database built to take the fear out of asking for help promoting your work.

A carefully selected team of marketing assistants for hire to handle all the tech headaches you don't have time to handle. 

Why you need a marketing academy:

Your marketing journey should start the moment you know you’ll be publishing a book and continue on at least 12 months after your book release.

Throughout the different stages of publication, platform growth, planning and promotion, your author marketing plan is crucial to the long-term reach and impact of your God-given message.  

Most courses and membership sites give you training on one specific topic or area of expertise, requiring you to seek out additional resources at additional cost to learn everything you need to know to market your ministry and book well.

Our monthly marketing academy is designed to give you relevant, up-to-date training for all areas of author marketing in ONE PLACE.


Meet your teachers:

Bekah Jane Pogue: Soul Care

Bekah is the author of Choosing REAL, a speaker,  retreat leader, spiritual director-in-training, and a writing & creative coach who recently moved to barn-scattered TN from beachy CA.

A wife and mom of two boys, she's an avid off-road wildflower picker, baker and home designer.

Bekah's past experiences include freelance writing, marketing, event management, interviewing & storytelling. 

Bekah feels most alive creating a safe space for people to come as they and find a listening ear and soul nourishment. She is intentionally unclimbing the Someone ladder in order that God be the one glorified. 

Lindsey Hartz: Marketing & Launch

Lindsey runs a marketing agency for faith-based authors and publishers in TN creating marketing campaigns and stellar launch teams. Her primary goal is to help authors remember the One they are writing for first - God - as they work towards reaching others in need of the hope, healing and transformation the Gospel provides. 

Her secondary goal is to make marketing simple, strategic and soulful so that authors can market and launch their books with impact and purpose.

Her background in corporate marketing and project management as well as her work with hundreds of authors and publishers provides the backbone for the skills and experience she brings to the table.

Kristen McCall: Social Media & Sales

Kristen runs a social media and marketing agency specializing in helping entrepreneurs and companies build their businesses online.  She lives outside of Nashville with her husband and three young kids.

Kristen led the digital marketing plans of dozens of books across multiple genres as a Digital Publicist for B&H and Social Media Manager for LifeWay.

She has managed New York Times bestselling authors online presence and coached both authors and executives.

While teaching you social media, email marketing and sales funnels, she promises to help you grow your online influence in a balanced and healthy way that won't make you crazy.

Jason Jones: Publicity & Media

Jason is the owner of a publicity and media firm based in TN.

His experience spans over 20 years for companies like Thomas Nelson Publishers, SERVE Literary & Media and PR by the Book, and has perfectly equipped him to encourage, connect and serve authors that want to share God with the world.

Jason has led campaigns for 11 New York Times bestselling titles and has managed some of the industry’s most successful authors. He frequently works with producers and editors at FOX News, CNN, The Blaze, Hannity, Huckabee, CBS, NBC, Moody Radio, Salem Radio, CBN, Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition and dozens of other national outlets.

Our promise to you:

  • We are your teachers, and we will remain your teachers throughout the process. While we will sometimes bring in industry experts for another perspective, we will remain accessible to you and continue to pour into you instead of outsourcing that to others.
  • Our academy training will move beyond a basic overview of each topic and instead focus on WHY you need each area, WHAT you need to learn to succeed, WHEN you need to complete tasks and HOW you can do so practically without wasting time, money or resources.  


"I recently worked on a months-long project for my new book release that was unlike anything I'd done before. When I started, I was overwhelmed and unsure. A well-known consultant suggested I hire Lindsey Hartz, and I'm so glad I did. She brought clarity and organization to my project, so that I could focus on what I do best: creating content. Lindsey was very accessible, creative, energetic, and a calming presence when things got a little chaotic. She helped me see important pieces of the puzzle that were hidden by my blind spots. I highly recommend collaborating with Lindsey."

Jennifer Dukes Lee
Author and Speaker

"Working with Lindsey Hartz during my first book launch was invaluable. As a new author, her steadying presence was an anchor for me during a process that can be simultaneously thrilling and nerve-wracking. Not only did she give creative marketing ideas for things I hadn’t thought of on my own, she provided practical and spiritual encouragement, industry insight, and skill in ways I needed but wouldn’t have been able to articulate ahead of time. Lindsey is more than just a marketer—she’s a generous advocate and cheerleader for you, your message, and your readers. Any author’s book launch will be better with Lindsey Hartz involved."

Adriel Booker
Author and Speaker

"Lindsey helped me understand the best potential audience for my book, set goals as a new author, and then provided practical options for reaching that audience."

Kevin Adams

"Lindsey is more than a marketer; she is a friend of the author--someone who walks alongside the writer and champions them in the dark and cheers with them in the light! I highly recommend her for anyone entering the marketing and launch journey of releasing a book. You won't be disappointed!"

Emily Wierenga

"Through the marketing and book launch process Lindsey was a guide, a prayer warrior, a cheerleader, a kick-in-the-pants, a sounding board, and an encyclopedia all in one. Because of her experience and knowledge, she saved me from feeling overwhelmed. "

Shauna Letellier

"Jason Jones is that rarest of birds — a publicist I’m willing to recommend publicly. You heard me."

Eric Metaxas

"Bekah has the gift of quickly understanding your voice and is an expert at pulling out and affirming what is already inside of you. When you tackle the biggest project of your life you need someone to come along beside you and believe in you. Bekah does this for each of her clients and what a gift it is."

Jodi Grubbs

"I absolutely love working with Kristen because her personality is so bubbly and fun! She created multiple sales funnels for me, helped with overall social and business strategy, and took my Pinterest to the next level! When she started, I had 34k monthly views on Pinterest, and in just a month she got it to 218k! I couldn’t have even expected that kind of growth!"

Caroline Fausel
Graphic Design & Branding

"Working with Bekah was such a breath of fresh air! She was so real, her authenticity really impressed me and relaxed me honestly. Her encouragement was like advice, which I absolutely loved and found so helpful for my endeavors. She helped me identify what I can bring to the table as a female christian writer and author. I hope to work with her in the near future as I believe she can continue to foster me as I set out to keep writing my first book! "

Gina Norman

"I can testify that Jason and his team are the best of the best when it comes to PR campaigns."

Grace Kasper
Chosen Books

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